UL-standard electric panels

Our company designs, produces and certifies
UL-standard electric panels
for the North American market since 2005


What is UL and how does it work?

The UL Certification (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) is the most recognized brand that certifies the compliance of electrical and electronic products with the current safety standards in the United States and Canada. It attests the suitability of the product in terms of potential fire hazards, electric shock , OSHA regulations and mechanical hazards.


  • Easier export and commissioning by avoiding significant penalties or even the interruption of the installation caused by controls of local authorities. With the application of the UL mark no further verification by other entities is required.
  • The presence of the UL mark guarantees the approval of the authorities
  • Reduction of insurance premiums even by 40% which offsets the initial investment
  • UL is known as guarantee for product safety and quality
  • The application of the UL mark increases trust in your product
  • Increase of the value of your brand and corporate image