Amadei Quality

For us quality comes first
to guarantee the satisfaction
of our customers


Guaranteed quality
through high-level safety
at every stage of production

  • Continuous training
  • Regular compliance with the latest standards and laws
  • Consultancy for our clients on regulatory requirements
  • Use of high-quality components that guarantee an elevated level of safety at reduced costs
  • Collaboration with several organizations that carry out risk assessment studies for third parties


Constant quality improvement
implies constant research
and development of innovative solutions

  • Continuous training through refresher courses
  • Attendance at presentations of new products in the motion field
  • Participation in numerous events and workshops related to updates in regulations and standards
  • Testing all the brand-new solutions and architectures before installing them and recommending them to our customers

Amadei Green

New 100% GREEN headquarter and production plant

  • Energy class A
  • Facility equipped with solar panels producing 19KW
  • Heating system with no use of natural gas: our heat pumps are entirely powered by photovoltaics
  • Internal management system for the disposal of special waste